We’re all in the mood for a melody…: THANK YOU!


I wanted to say thank you to all of you, Exe, Claire, Dani and Akemi! (and that little anon too!) because today (and always) made me smile soo hard! you all made me really happy, and give a great congratulations I have to say! hahaha (really, better than all my IRL friends together) and yes, we have only talked here on tumblr (maybe with you Exe a couple times by skype) but you all mean so much to me! you are great friends and I would be so sad if I ever lose you… you always brighten my days a little more.

I don’t even know what do you do talking to me, like really, I don’t deserve it! I’m awkward, weird, and not really nice but you still talk to me, so thank you, really, by heart! and I wish that some time I will get to met you all in person :)

you can skip this awkward text if you want because I’m sure it doesn’t even makes sense. but yeah THANK YOU ALL, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

No, I’m not

*Santana creys*: I love you, I love you, I love you, like never before <3

not all those who wander are lost.
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